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      Hi, so this from when MCR was doing the whole “The Black Parade is Dead!” thing and each of the members designed a Day of the Dead mask for the DVD/Album. This is Gerard’s design. MCR has always been a part of who I am from a young age. They’ve helped me to become a stronger, more caring, and creative person. They’ve just always been there. I got Gerard’s design because he’s just my hero simply put, and The Black Parade is my favorite album. I connect to him and his message and growing up in a situation where I really felt like I had nobody, he was there in a way. He’d my mentor in life I guess, even though he doesn’t know who I am. And even though I may not be listening to MCR as constantly or as much as I used to, they’ve still got such a special place in my heart and mean so much to me. This serves as a reminder to myself to keep strong and be true to who I am as well as accepting mistakes in my past and being able to make something beautiful out of an ugly situation. 

Done at 454 Tattoo in Encinitas, CA by Ryan (can’t find his last name sorry.)

Done at All Hallows’ tattoo in Fullerton, CA. I started listening to this band when I was nine. I grew up with them and they were always there when I needed them. They have gotten me through everything. It was almost like losing a best friend when they broke up. It might sound cheesy, but I didn’t just want this tattoo. It was absolutely necessary.

This is my tattoo of my favorite lyric, it comes from the song “Our Lady Of Sorrows” by My Chemical Romance. This tattoo has so many meanings to me, but most of all it means that we are all mortal and we all have a set amount of time on this earth, we don’t know when our time will end so always live life to the fullest and don’t waste your time on things that don’t make you happy and people that don’t help you become a better person.

This is my first tattoo. “Stay beautiful keep it ugly”. This quote is so important to me cause all my life I’ve been feeling like I’m so ugly inside and outside, but you know what? I will keep it ugly cause I might find beauty in myself someday. No matter how weird you think you are, always stay that way. 

This is my first MCR tattoo. MCR had always been a huge part of my life. When I felt depressed, I would listen to them and I would feel a little better about everything. I got “Awake and Unafraid” from “Famous Last Words” because that song was the first song to ever give me hope. Whenever I listened to it, I felt powerful, I felt brave, and I felt that everything was going to be okay. I got this to remind myself that, no matter what happens, I need to remain awake and unafraid. 

The artist is named Mandi. She worked for Wonderland Tattoo in Pennsylvania, however, they went out of business :(