I met Gerard after his secret show in Portsmouth a few weeks ago. The show itself was absolutely fantastic and hearing the new material for the first time live was a treat! Gerard came out after the show and (as everyone else who’s met Gerard says) was super nice to everyone. I’d always said that if I met him that I’d ask him to write ‘Keep Running’ and have it tattooed in his handwriting - this was my chance! He was more than willing to do it and was also really pumped that I was wearing the orange Killjoys Halloween tee! He’s been my hero for years now and this tattoo is a memento of an incredible night!

Tattoo was done by the great Simon and Nigel at Skin City Tattoo Asylum in Swansea, Wales.

So MCR have been my favourite band for 8 years, and I’m getting a tattoo for each MCR album, this is my Revenge one. I chose a lyric that pretty much no one would get tattooed, considering it has the word “death” in it, but I believe that death can be beautiful.

Jetset Life is my favourite song on that album, just due to the imagery created by the lyrics, and Bella Muerte was the one lyric from that song that always stood out, it seemed right to get that done.

Done by Lauren Stephens (@mothers_ruin on instagram), at Skins & Needles, Middlesbrough. 


Had this tattoo done a few years and it was my first tattoo. I love the song and couldn’t choose one lyric so decided to just go with the name of the song. The noose was a little change up from the classic hang man from the album. Due to the size I wanted the tattooist said in a few years the mans figure would look distorted anyway I love it :)

Done by Ashley @ The Square. I had it done in memory of a friend who hung himself, on the two year anniversary of his suicide. It has so much meaning because MCR have been my favourite band for so long, the lyric is basically my life motto these days, it’s in memory of my friend who was a hero to me and struggled for so long to be strong…and it’s a private joke because he used to mock my music taste and I know he was up there rolling his eyes when I had it done!

I fucking love your blog.

thank you!!

So I just got mine done at Tattoo Center in Madrid, Spain. I’ve wanted to do this for ages and I’m so happy to have it done, it really means a lot to me.

This was the first tattoo I got for my 20th birthday. As an artist, MCR was a big influence on my life when I was in middle/high school and helped me find myself. I chose “Art Is The Weapon” quote as my tattoo because it relates to me on a personal level, artistically and politically. I used the watercolor effect to represent how I view art being the weapon, being my choice of weapon of expression. I also chose the same font style that was used for the Three Cheers album. I will forever thank MCR for being such a huge influence in my life! Credit to South of Heaven Tattoo and Jason Perea for the beautiful results!