I wanted a bit of everything, I just got the target fixed so now it’s all done.
I got it at three different places. Two of them where in Toronto, ON, Evan at Yonge Street Tattoos did the roses and I got my target fixed by Alanna at Adrenaline Tattoos.

that black parade tattoo's awesomw except comic sans

If the person who has it likes it then don’t judge it.

Your tattoo is cool and all but why the fuck did you get it in comic sans?

It’s not my tattoo. And who cares, if they love it, let them love it.

My first real big tattoo :) very proud of it

Here is my Killjoy Spider, fresh outta the studio!

I have many more MCR related tattoos planned, mainly lyrics (favourite album is IBUMBYBMYL) But the spider is a tribute, the symbol from their last album, I got it shortly after they split, I was devastated because I never got to see them live.

Their music is of such comfort to me, having listened to them for 10 years.

They are so much comfort on those dark nights!

I'm turning 18 soon, and have always wanted an MCR tattoo. I plan on getting "I'm not okay" in script, and where the y ends I wants little ink dots, like the pen was dripping, and I'm sure I'll be posting it here as soon as it's finished! ♡ your blog

Nice! And thanks!

is it possible to submit a tattoo that has been posted on tumblr already? my friend has one and I was wondering if I could submit the link to her post.

I prefer a photo being submitted so I can make my own post. Sorry ‘bout that.